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"Whenever I work on an oil painting, some music starts resounding and doesn't stop in my head all the while. I want to release those musical pieces to the outside."

Mayuko, who studied at a university of fine arts, has gone into the music world, and she has spoken about her vision.

She got her experience in collaboration with JOHNNIE FINGERS of boomtown rats, DANIEL WANG who is an extremely talented producer of "BALIFU RECORDS" in NY, Japanese DJ KENSEI and other artists who had a *brimful of personality in the world. The artwork for her record "TOY CROSS" was designed by the famous art group "SHYNOLA" who also designed the album "KID A" for "RADIO HEAD".

After performing a number of live concerts, she drew the attention of music magazines, music critics and people in various important circles. After a long period of being inactive, she went back to the recording studio and... read more
Author: mayuko official website

Status:  Indie - active
Period:  2001 - present
Genre:  Pop / Electronic / Rock