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lynch. are an ambitious and aspiring band that most notably attracts attention through their own unique style. Most of their records sell out shortly after their release. One of the reasons for their success surely can be found in their incessant touring.

lynch. was formed in August 2004 by Hazuki (ex-deathgaze), Asanao (ex.-Sicstar) and Reo (ex-Gullet). Support-bassist Yukino (ex-Gullet) joined the band a little while after.
Their first live was on December 27th of the same year, more concerts followed in spring 2005.
When Greedy dead souls came out on April 20th, it immediately attracted the attention of many as this first release of the band turned out to be a full album.
Extensive touring followed until November and included a few shows with deadman. Furthermore, lynch. played their first oneman on June 10th.
The bandís second release, a maxi-single titled underneath the skin was put out on November 16th, after which they went on another... read more
Author: Rana last update: 2010-01-20

Status:  Major - active
Period:  2004 - present
Genre:  metal / rock

Vo : Hazuki (葉月)
Gt : Reo (玲央)
Gt : Yuusuke (悠介)
Ba: Akinori ( 明徳)
Dr : Asanao (晁直)

Ba : Yukino (ゆきの)
Ba : Hikaru (光輝)
Ba : Junji (淳児)