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SuG was founded in October 2006 by Takeru (vocals, Ex-Travel), masato (guitar, Ex-Travel), yuji (guitar, Ex-Travel) and Shouta (bass, Ex-AmeriA). During November of the same year their line-up was completed with MITSURU (ex-Retina) who filled the empty spot on drums.

It wasn't until January 2007 that SuG officially started their band activities. Shouta left the band and was replaced by Chiyu (ex-Nana) in February. Just like SCREW, SuG are also signed with Indie PSC, a sub division of PS Company. They must have some great potential since PSC is usually a guarantee for good music.

SuG made sure to not waste any time and kept themselves busy all year with concerts. Their first CD release consists only of their contribution to the compilation Cannon Ball vol.3. Hoever, in August they released their first maxi single Scheat, which is followed by a second maxi single in September called Alterna. Both releases come with a... read more
Author: nana/Danielle last update: 2011-06-16

Status:  Indie - active
Period:  2006 - present
Genre:  rock / visual kei

Vo : Takeru (武瑠)
Gt : masato
Gt : yuji
Ba : Chiyu
Dr : Shinpei

Ba : Shouta (渉歌 (2007))
Dr : MITSURU (2009)