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misono, the younger sister of famous popstar Koda Kumi, was the lead singer of the group "day after tomorrow". When they announced that they would disband in August 2005 she decided to take the oppertunity to start a solo career.

She released her first single, "VS", in March 2006. Her second single titled "Kojin Jugyo" was released the following May. Two more singles, "SPEEDRIVE" and "Lovely♥Cat's Eye", were released that year. misono's first solo live was at "Velfarre", a popular dance club owned by Avex, in 2006.

On February 28, 2007 her first album titled "never+land" was released. She has released three singles so far in 2007: "Hot Time / A.___~Answer~", "Pochi", and "Zasetsu Chiten".
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