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Dali was formed from the remnants of Sugar Folkful in October of 2005 by Ren, Keeto, Yuu, Shunsaku, and Tatsuya. They immediately announced their intentions to release three singles in 2006. They met their goal, releasing three new three-track singles. antithesis was released in January, monophobia in February, and inartistic in March. In May they distributed a CD with a live recording of t rush, originally a Sugar Folkful song but was reworked by Dali, to people who bought all three of their singles and sent in proofs of purchase. With a heavy heart Yuu left the band in July of 2006 for personal reasons, he was replaced by Makoto. The change of bassists did not effect the release of their first album, core, on November 8th, 2006.

Their determination to succeed did not faulter even when Shunsaku and Tatsuya both left in February 2007. The band decided to... read more
Author: Missa last update: 2010-01-20

Status:  Indie - active
Period:  2005 - present
Genre:  rock / metal

Vo : Ren
Gt : Keeto (ケエト)
Ba :Yuu (ユウ)
Dr : Shunna

Gt : Shunsaku (February 2006)
Dr : Tatsuya (February 2006)
Ba : Makoto (December 2006)
Gt : Saki (November 2009)