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∀NTI FEMINISM, originally formed in 1991, is considered to be one of the most extreme visual kei bands. Based on "Radical Ideas," ∀NTI FEMINISM presents music devised to leave any listener in an apprehensive state. The same can be said about their live performances, in which the vocalist Kenzi (drummer of the Dead Pop Stars and CEO of Anarchist Records) uses many obviously painful and unnerving antics to further enhance the band's concept.

Although the group disbanded within a few years of its creation, in 1998 Kenzi collaborated with Takayuki (guitar) of the Piass to revive it.

Since 1992 there have been no permanent members aside from Kenzi. For the most part, ∀NTI FEMINISM consists of support musicians known as "anti shockers," with more than 80 artists having filled the line-up thus far.

Author: Yuka last update: 2010-01-20

Status:  Indie - active
Period:  1991 - present
Genre:  HardCore / Punk

Vo: Kenzi

Gt: TAPPEI (1992)
Gt: JILL (1992)
Ba: KO (1992)
Dr: HIROSHI(1992)

Bass: Akiyama Kyouji [gone: 2007]
Bass: Aya [gone: 2006]
Bass: De-Hi [gone: 2004]
Bass: Hideno [gone: 2003]
Bass: Hizumi [gone: 2002]
Bass: Kai [gone: 2000]
Bass: Kisaki [gone: 2007]
Bass: Ko・・ [gone: 1992]
Bass: Leaya [gone: 2002]
Bass: Lina [gone: 2007]
Bass: Maki [gone: 2000]
Bass: Makoto [gone: 2002]
Bass: Mukku (Mukuro) [gone: 2007]
Bass: Nanjou Kanata [gone: 2005]
Bass: NoBu [gone: 2006]
Bass: Sei [gone: 2003]
Bass: Seiji [gone: 2003]
Bass: Shin [gone: 2002]
Bass: Shio [gone: 2001]
Bass: Shion [gone: 2000]
Bass: Tairan [gone: 2005]
Bass: Takahiro [gone: 2006]
Bass: Teala [gone: 2003]
Bass: Wild Turkey [gone: 2007]
Bass: Y・A・C [gone: 2003]
Bass: Yohei Togawa [gone: 2006]
Bass: Yuu [gone: 2005]
Bass: Yuchi (8342) [gone: 2001]

Drums: Akira [gone: 2001]
Drums: Ayame [gone: 2002]
Drums: Hiroshi [gone: 1992]
Drums: Hiyoka [gone: 2007]
Drums: Junya [gone: 2001]
Drums: K-Suke [gone: 2007]
Drums: Kaede [gone: 2007]
Drums: Katsura [gone: 2007]
Drums: Ken2 [gone: 2003]
Drums: Luna [gone: 2002]
Drums: Mashiro [gone: 2002]
Drums: Mitsuru [gone: 2007]
Drums: Mohi [gone: 2003]
Drums: N.O.Y [gone: 2004]
Drums: Rei [gone: 2004]
Drums: Reo [gone: 2000]
Drums: Ryohei [gone: 2003]
Drums: Shizuki (Miura-Kaigan) [gone: 2004]
Drums: Shoki [gone: 2001]
Drums: Tarou [gone: 2000]
Drums: You-Ya [gone: 1999]

Guitar: Akino [gone: 2007]
Guitar: Arata [gone: 2000]
Guitar: Erina [gone: 2004]
Guitar: Haruki [gone: 2001]
Guitar: Hideaki [gone: 2001]
Guitar: Hiromi [gone: 2000]
Guitar: Hizumi [gone: 2001]
Guitar: Jill [gone: 1992]
Guitar: Jun [gone: 2000]
Guitar: Kagetsu [gone: 2006]
Guitar: Kaion [gone: 2006]
Guitar: Kanata [gone: 2001]
Guitar: Kazane [gone: 2001]
Guitar: Kazu [gone: 2003]
Guitar: Masaki [gone: 2003]
Guitar: Nachi [gone: 2007]
Guitar: O-Yoh [gone: 2004]
Guitar: Seana [gone: 2000]
Guitar: Shinya [gone: 2003]
Guitar: Sin [gone: 2001]
Guitar: Takayuki [gone: 2006]
Guitar: Tappei [gone: 1992]
Guitar: Tatsuya [gone: 2003]
Guitar: Tomozo [gone: 2007]
Guitar: Yamada Maya [gone: 2005]
Guitar: Yayoi [gone: 2007]
Guitar: Yuki [gone: 2003]
Guitar: Yura [gone: 2001]

Vocals: Aika [gone: 2001]
Vocals: Kirala [gone: 2000]
Vocals: Seek [gone: 2000]