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ALvino was formed by Shota, Jun (ex-Pierrot) and Koji (ex-La'cryma Christi) in 2006.

According to their official homepage, the name refers to
"AL = Alchemy", "vi = visions" and "no = normal".

"snow line" was their first single, released on 14th March 2007 under Sword Records followed by a live DVD called "ALchemy Drive ~Pop Music Adventure~
2006.10.4 LIQUIDROOM"
Their first album, called "ALflavor" was released on 5th September 2007.

Even though the band is so young, ALvino gave many live shows, e.g. at MUSIC B.B.10th Anniversary B.B. ROCK FESTIVAL 08.

The 2nd album "発売決定" will come out on 10th December and will be promoted during their upcoming Tour "ALvino TOUR 2008-2009 a taste of "alone"".
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