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Matenrou Opera (literally “skyscrapers opera”) is a very young band that was formed by the previous members of Jeniva in the spring of 2007.

They had their first live show at Urawa Narciss on May 4, 2007. They released their first single, “alkaloid showcase”, on the same day and sold out very quickly

The original band line-up was Sono (vocals), Mika (guitar, ex-Ancient Myth), Karen (piano), You (bass, ex-GRAVE SEED), and Yuu (drums). However, Mika and Karen decided to leave the band and the current line-up with Anzi (guitar, ex-Masterpiece) and Ayame (keyboard) was announced on November 17, 2007 at their live debut at Ikebukuro Cyber.

After more performances, they gained the attention of Kamijo (Versailles, ex-Lareine) when they took part at an event by Sherow Artist Society, which is run by Kamijo on December 23rd at Omotesando.

In January 2008, the band released a song on an omnibus album called CROSS GATE 2008~chaotic... read more
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Matenrou Opera

Status:  Major - active
Period:  2007 - present
Genre:  rock / visual kei

Vo : sono (苑)
Gt : anzi
Ba : yo
Dr : yu (癒)
Key : ayame (彩雨)

Gt : Mika (2007)
Key : Karen (2007)