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Monkey Majik – A Japanese/Canadian rock-pop band from Sendai, Japan, formed in 2000. Monkey Majik comprises two former English teachers, the brothers Maynard and Blaise Plant (song and guitar), and the two Japanese members Takuya “Tax” Kikuchi (drums) and Hideki, also called “Dick” (bas). They first made a sound of themselves with the EP “Tired” in May, 2002. It was a self-financed release limited to 1,000 copies, and only available at Tower Records in Sendai.

Their first single “Fly”, January 2006, was a commercial success which led to their second single, “Around the World”. Their second single, “Around the World”, reached a fourth place on the Japanese Oricon top 200 single chart. “Around the World” was followed by the single “Futari”, October 2006, which became the featured song for the Japanese movie “Yoru no pikunikku”

Monkey Majik produce energetic pop-rock music with lyrics in both English and Japanese. They often add rap... read more
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