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Word on the internet is that Thee Out Mods was actually started in 2004 by Jack (now vocalist of Artbeat). However, just because information is popular doesn't mean that it is accurate. The Thee Out Mods of 2004 is not the Thee Out Mods we know today. The former Thee Out Mods described their music as "circus rock" and had many line-up changes before disbanding in 2005. The similarities between the two bands end with the same name, being a Japanese band in Los Angeles, and having Yoshiki as support bassist.

The official statement from the band and 7 Samurai Records, the label that managed them, was that Thee Out Mods was formed in July of 2006 with Sana as vocalist, Joey on guitar, Kenny on drums and Yoshiki on bass.

Thee Out Mods gained a loyal following as they rocked the Los Angeles scene with their straight forward punk rock music... read more
Author: Missa last update: 2010-01-20
Thee Out Mods

Status:  Indie - active
Period:  2006 - present
Genre:  punk / rock

Vo, Gt: Sana
Dr: Kenny
Ba: Yoshiki

Gt: Joey (2006)

Gt: Ace (2007 - present)
Gt: KEI (2007 - present)
Gt: Rio (2007)