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At the age of seventeen, Hitomi Shimatani participated at “The Japan Audition 1997” with two hundred thousand other girls to fulfill her dream of becoming a famous singer. Avex noticed her and signed her, but she wanted to finish her studies first. Avex agreed and Hitomi graduated from high school in 1999. She moved to Tokyo to begin her career. In July, she released her first single, Osaka no onna, which is an enka song. The single was acclaimed by the critics and she even won an award. Her label was convinced that she could have a great career and acquire a larger audience. When the next single Kaih?ku was released in September 2000, she changed her style to pop music. It reached 28th place on the Oricon chart. The next single, Papillon, had a better ranking and sold over two hundred thousand copies. The song was the cover of Janet... read more
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