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Not many acts spend 16 years thinking about how to follow up their first album: yet that is how long the world has been waiting for SOTF to deliver on the promise of 1990's seminal debut FIRST COMMUNION. Hailed by fans and contemporaries alike as the great hope of the UK goth scene in the early 90s, SOTF seemed content to fade away into legendary status...until now!

Now featuring a hybrid Japanese-British line-up, SOTF have returned with the breathtakingly eclectic new album THE DEATH OF THE FLESH, and a sound which is classic and contemporary in equal measures: a musical tribute to the best of the alternative scene itself, both past and present.
Originally formed in London in the late '80s, SINS OF THE FLESH has been based in Osaka since 2002 and is now firmly established as part of the Japanese goth/industrial underground scene: a supergroup featuring the best of British and... read more
Author: courtesy of DEATH WATCH ASIA
Sins Of The Flesh

Status:  Indie - active
Period:  1989 - present
Genre:   post punk / new wave / gothic

Vo,Gt,Ba,Prog: JUDE
Ba: AI
Key: TIM