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Ka-yu seems to be the busiest member of the band-on-hold, Janne Da Arc. Using his full name, Kazuyuki Matsumoto, he has released two mini albums in his solo project “Solid Beat” and “Solid Beat II” and plans to release a photobook entitled: “Solid Beat ~ZERO~” in March of 2008. Not only is Ka-yu working hard on his solo music career, but he is currently working his label Solid Beat alongside the clothing and jewellery designing label GIGOR. To add to his growing list of works, he released an instructional DVD titled: “Real Rock Bass”.

“Solid Beat I” was released August 15, 2007. The regular version of “Solid Beat I” consists of the tracks Greed or Purity, Now or Never, The Shadow, BREAK OUT, Wherever, and Out of My Control. Each song sung completely in English. The limited version of “Solid Beat I” includes the same tracks as the regular version and a... read more
Author: x_ash_x last update: 2010-01-20