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Kanon Wakeshima (分島 花音, Wakeshima Kanon) is a 19 year old cellist raised in Tokyo. At the early age of 3, she began playing cello, being classically trained under a guardian. By the age of 15 while in junior high, she had started her own cello duo and an ensemble group. Kanon could also sing, making her singing debut at 16 during one of her high school festivals.

She participated in the Sony Music Audition as a singer and became a finalist, signing a contract with DefSTAR RECORDS.

Her major debut came with using her first single, “still doll”, as the ending theme for the popular anime series Vampire Knight. She’s currently working with Moi Dix Mois creator and Malice Mizer guitarist, Mana. He’s been producing the music while she writes the lyrics. Her still doll single debuted on May 28th, 2008.

As well as her musical talent, she’s also an exceptional artist –... read more
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