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Maximum the hormone was born in 1998 in Hachiojo (Tokyo).
At that time, the band was composed with Nawo and Daisuke, the two fundators, then Sugi the guitarist came in and at last Key the bassist. They did little shows around Tokyo until they had been found out by Sky Records Label and they contracted.
Their first album " A.S.A Crew" came in 1999. All songs are written in English by Daisuke.

Unfortunately, Sugi and Key left the same year, and Nawo and Daisuke had forced to look for others guitarist and bassist.

They were lucky to find nawo's brother, Ryo, whose guitar knowledge was perfect.
He was accepted by Daisuke. It was harder to find a bassist but Ue-chan appeared and he's pretty good.

With this Line-up, they have done a single titled "Bullpen Catcher's dream" composed with three songs.

Their tiny album "Otori (Hou)" appeared. It was with one of these songs that they became relatively... read more
Author: Nawo
マキシマム ザ ホルモン
(Makishimamu za horumon)

Status:  Major - active
Period:  1998 - present
Genre:  rock / heavy metal

Vo,Gt : Maximum the Ryokun
Vo : Daisuke han
Ba,Gt : Ue chan
Dr : Nao

Gt : Sugi (1999)
Ba : Key (1999)