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With a powerful presence that remains from their indie years, along with their rise to legendary status after their debut with a major label, Luna Sea is a band that has come to represent a whole era of music.

Ryuichi (Vocals), Sugizo (Guitar & Violin), Inoran (Guitar), J (Bass), and Shinya (Drums), started their careers in Machida City, Tokyo in 1989. In 1991, they debuted with the indie label, Ecstasy Records, with their self-titled album “Luna Sea”. In 1992 they debuted but this time with a major label, releasing their album “Image”. The following year, with the release of their first single, “Believe”, their popularity increased as they secured a show at the famed Nihon Budokan. With the release of their long-time hit and 3rd single, “Rosier”, it immediately took the No. 3 position on the Oricon charts and propelled Luna Sea to the top of the music scene. The... read more
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