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D was formed in March of 2003 with the members consisting of Asagi, Ruiza, Hiroki, Sin and Rena. A short time after the band was formed, Ruiza was hospitalized, causing the band to go on a hiatus. Once Ruiza was released the band regrouped. At this time, D introduced a new member, Hide-Zou. Two months later they released their first single "Alice."

In 2005 Rena released one more song with the band, "Yami Yori kurai Doukoku no Acapella to Bara Yori Akai Jounetsu no ARIA," as well as the first publication of their fanclub magazine, "Mad Teaparty Magazine." Rena left on July 27, 2005 and on December 5th of the same year, they introduced a new bassist, Tsunehito, with whom they rerecorded the bass lines for "THE NAME OF THE ROSE."

In 2008 D signed with Avex Trax follwed up by their last Indies tour Follow Me and the DVD... read more
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