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Hucci is a band that not many know of, though they have been active since 2003.
It was in August of 2003 that Gin (vocals), Saitou (guitar), Kinji (bass) and Pinky (drums) formed the band in the city of Mito (in the Ibaraki Province, north of Tokyo) formed the band. They started their activities with the distribution of a demo tape titled Snack Vanteraine.
They went on tour in September but stayed in their hometown and its suburbs without venturing out, limiting their popularity among their Japanese fans.

In January 2004 their second demo tape Otoko to onna to kumo to chou was distributed at their concert at the Mito Light House.

A year after the foundation of the band, they celebrated the day in Meguro Rockmyacan, which also marked the start of their activities in the capitol and Toumeihan (region of Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka).

In April 2005 the band distributed their first live DVD... read more
Author: Dee last update: 2010-01-20

Status:  Indie - disbanded
Period:  2003 - 2009
Genre:  rock / angura kei

Vo : Gin (吟)
Gt : Saitou (齋藤)
Ba : Kinji (キンヂ)
Dr : pinky