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From the encounter between Anis Shimada (voice and guitar) and Ali Morizumi (bass and guitar) the band MONORAL was born. The two decided to start their ambitious musical project in 1999. The other members of the band are Tomoya Tsutsui (guitar) and Jun Matsumoto (drums).

On July 21, 2001, the band released their first work, a mini-album named “In Stereo”, under MYCO RECORDS. Their song "Goodbye” rose to the top of InterFM’s playlist. In 2004, the second mini-album, “Ammonite”, rose up the Tower Records indie chart, arriving at 3rd place and remaining in the top50 for 7 months. For the production of this mini-album, Anis and Ali were helped by the involvement of Eric Zay (a member of FAKE? that often helped MONORAL in arranging their songs) and Rie Eto.

Two years after their debut, the band released their first full album, “Petrol”, and few months later they signed a contract with... read more
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Status:  Major - active
Period:  1999 - present
Genre:  rock / pop

Vo/Gt : Anis Shimada
Ba/Gt : Ali Morizumi

Gt : Tomoya Tsutsui
Gt : Eric Zay
Dr : Jun Matsumoto