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The Underneath appeared in the Visual Kei scene in 2007. It is a new identity and the rebirth of the band Transtic Nerve, which began activities in 1996. The members remained the same (Taka (vocals), Tal (guitar), Masato (guitar), Masaki (drums) and Ryo (bass)), but the band developed a darker music and visual style.

The band started their new career with a long tour in the USA with the Taste of Chaos Tour 2008, along side MUCC and D'espairsRay. Their first album, Moon Flower, first appeared in the United States in March 2008.
After the tour they played their first concert in their home country, Japan, as The Underneath at the Hide Memorial Summit. They then appeared in different halls around Tokyo. In July they released their fisrt Japanese-edition album. In August they will be ready for another trip to the USA to perform a concert at OTAKON 2008.
Author: Dee last update: 2010-01-20
Underneath (the)

Status:  Indie - disbanded
Period:  2007 - 2010
Genre:  rock / visual kei

Vo : Taka
Gt : Tal
Gt : Masato
Ba : Ryo
Dr : Masaki