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Sambomaster is an alternative rock band that can't honestly be compared to any of their competition.

They were originally a duo consisting of Yamaguchi Takashi (Vo.) and Yasufumi Kiuchi (Dr.) but upon Yasufumi meeting bassist Yoichi Kondo, they officially became a group and spent the next year working on their first single, "Kick no Oni."
This was released as a limited edition of 300 copies in 2001 and was the only bit of discography that fans got to grasp on to until Sambomaster was taken in by Sony Music Japan in 2003 and released the album, "Atashiki Nihongo no Michi to Hikaru."

By then it was obvious that this group had built up the urge to produce as much as humanly possible, as if to make up for the lack of merchandise supplied in the first few years, and went on a spree in 2004/2005, where a total of six singles, one album, and... read more
Author: Yuka last update: 2010-01-20

Status:  Major - active
Period:  2001 - present
Genre:  alternative rock

Vo : Yamaguchi Takashi (山口隆)
Ba : Yoichi Kondo (近藤洋一)
Dr : Yasufumi Kiuchi (木内泰史)