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Moran is nothing other than the long awaited comeback from Hitomi (vocals, formerly Kanoma) and Soan (drums, formerly Towa), who were both in the same popular band Fatima. Accompanying them are Zill (bass, formaly Saburo, Ex-KuRt) and Velo (guitar, formerly Takumi, ex-Hai-kara).

A mysterious aura surrounded the band in the spring of 2008 when they benefited from an advertisement campaign in a music magazine where their very stylish and airy look was revealed.

On March 29th and 30th, the band organized an event in the Takadanobaba area to celebrate the beginning of their career.

Their first maxi-single, Element, had a very promising turnout: the title song created a special atmosphere that showed the visual side of the band. The two other tracks, Party Monster and Hameln, reminiscent of the rousing part of Fatima, provides a jazzy touch.

Their second maxi-single, Mokka no nukarummi, was released a month later. The first song, which has the same... read more
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Status:  Indie - active
Period:  2007 - present
Genre:  visual kei

Vo : Hitomi
Gt : Sizna
Gt : vivi
Ba: Ivy
Dr : Soan

Gt : Velo (2009)
Ba : Zill [deceased 2010]

Ba : Shingo (真悟)