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YMCK is the 8bit pop band formed by Midori (vo.), Yokemura (lyr./arr.), and Nakamura (mu./vis.). Although their music sounds like the old music you hear on old computer/Nintendo games their tunes are jazzy and, according to YMCK, inspired by jazz music from the 50s and 60s. Their 1st album, Family Music released in 2004, became a big hit and made their popularity modestly grow. Their unique style of live performances, using 8bit pixel animation, is adored by fans.

They don't limit live performances to Japan. They have also done performances at international music festivals around the world: in Sweden, Netherlands, New York, Washington DC, Thailand, Korea and Taiwan, and CDs are released in United States, Thailand, and South Korea.

Aside from releasing music and playing live YMCK's work also includes: remixing work, video game soundtracks, DJ performances, and the development of an 8bit sound emulator and editing software available for download for... read more
Author: Candyfields - Syreeta Turner last update: 2010-01-20

Status:  Indie - active
Period:  2003 - present
Genre:  8 bit pop

Vo: Midori Kurihara
Lyrics/arrangements:Yokemura Takeshi
Music/visuals: Nakamura Tomoyuki