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This special band, well known for their strange look,
is a side project of "Nightmare"
and consists of the same members,
who just changed their names.

Ruka is now known as Gigaflare,
Sakito went Satty, Yomi went Chiba,
Ni~Ya was named Wan ChenChen
and Hitsugi got the suitable name Fullface.

Sendai Kamotsu was formed in 2001,
before Nightmare became successful.
The name "Sendai Kamotsu" is also used
for the Nightmare Fanclub.

Their 1st demo tape "Saipan" was limited to 2000 copies
and released on 27th April 2002,
followed by the 2nd demo "Kimichi" on 21st July same year.

After a break they took part
in one of the Cannonball Omnibuses
and held mini tours along with D, DOREMIdan and Shulla.

Several released followed
and as a service for their fans
they sell lots of merchandise on their homepage,
e.g. the crazy coverall outfits.

One more thing to mention:
the band has an obsession for their "gay" theme
as you... read more
Author: Doreen last update: 2010-01-20
Sendai Kamotsu

Status:  Major - active
Period:  2001 - present
Genre:  visual rock

Vo : Chiba (千葉)
Gt : Fullface (フルフェイス)
Gt : Satty (サティ)
Ba : Wen Chen Chen (王珍々)
Dr : Gigaflare (ギガフレア)
Key : Kurihara

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