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In 1989 Hideki convinced Natin to take part in his band, the Power. During a concert they met Kazuma, member of the band 50/50. In 1990 two members of the Power left the band. Hideki and Natin asked Daita, who already knew Natin, to join the band. Unfortunately, Daita soon left the band and Hideki (known as Chack) and Natin decided to form a new band: Atae:ru. Shortly afterwards they met Junji, member of the Nerve. In 1992 A joined the Atae:ru as drummer, but they needed a guitarist. Chack asked Kazuma if he wanted to join the group and Kazuma accepted. 1993: the Atae:ru released a demo-tape, but before selling it they decided to change their name ito Siam Shade. One of the guitarists, Ataru, left the group, so Siam Shade asked Daita to join the band. Daita accepted, even if he didnít want to stay for a long time,... read more
Author: jibril84
Siam Shade

Status:  Major - disbanded
Period:  1995 - 2002
Genre:  rock

Vo : Hideki (栄喜)
Gt : Kazuma (同じ)
Gt : Daita
Dr : Junji (淳士)