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The Teriyaki Boyz are a Hip Hop combo based in Tokyo and since 2005 active in the business. Founder, DJ and producer of the group is Nigo, who's also boss of the street label A Bathing Ape (BAPE), which is quite popular in Japan and America. Nigo is teaming up with the four MCs Ilmari and Ryo-Z from Rip Slyme, VERBAL from m-flo and WISE, who are said to be the best MCs Japan has ever seen. Together with Nigo, known as famous producer and creative head behind many street projects, the Teriyaki Boyz were a blast to the japanese Hip Hop scene.
Soon after the formation, the group faces a real big hype as the biggest stars of the american scene knocked on their door, such as the people from the label Def Jam Records, where also the Teriyaki Boyz' first album Beef or Chicken? in cooperation with BABE SOUNDS was... read more
Author: Himawari last update: 2010-01-20