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Kicking it off with a flashy sound, is the newly recognized indie band, F.size.free. They are based in Tokyo, Japan.

F.size.free formed in 2002 by their lead singer and guitarist, Eiji. He had been in many bands before, but never had the freedom to do what he wanted musically. Thus, came the birth of F.size.free. At first, there were no other official members, just a lot of support. Kayo joined as an official drummer, and soon thereafter, invited Naoki to play bass for the band. They both joined in 2003.

As described by Eiji, the meaning of the band name "F.size.free" is to be able to compose freestyle music. The style and sound of the music is very unique and draws influences from 70's glam rock and 80's new wave music. They incorporate some characteristics illustrated by Japanese images into their music to create something very different that I, personally, have never heard... read more
Author: SharleyRabbit last update: 2010-05-15

Status:  Indie - active
Period:  2002 - present
Genre:  pop / rock / glam

Vo,Gt : Eiji

Dr : Kayo (2004)
Ba : Naoki (2010)