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Kitaro is a very talented man in the world of music. After being inspired by the music styles of R&B artist Otis Redding, he began his journey with the guitar. Kitaro started playing keyboards in high school, and soon thereafter, he learned the drums and the bass guitar through a series of seemingly unfortunate mishaps. His high school life guided him even further into the life of music. Soon after graduation, he became infatuated with synthesizers. Early in the 1970's, Kitaro made a transition to work only with keyboards and synthesizers. He had been in a few bands in high school, and after this transition, joined a new band called "Far East Family Band." He traveled the world with them. As a musician, Kitaro had little to no support from his parents. He worked hard to support himself as a musician.

1977 dawned the age of Kitaro's solo career soon after he... read more
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