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Image © Mix Speaker's, Inc.
Mix Speaker’s,Inc. is often referred to as a group of creative wizard - exceptionally talented group of creative performers. Apparently, their appearance has a look of genuine descendant of Japanese “Visual-kei Rock” lineage, but also they have emerged to bring a fresh air into the scene.

The group’s vision is to see the band as an enterprise. The activities are all based on stories that the six members crafted. The band directs the music, scripts, scenarios, illustrations and movies. The intention is to convey the worlds that each member has in their mind, with the goal to go far beyond the Visual Kei genre.

The band was formed by AYA (guitar) and MIKI (vocal) in 2006, joined by the other members YUKI (vocal), Keiji (guitar), seek (bass), and S (drums). Their very first album was self-recorded and in 1,000 limited press. This album, entitled as “Mix Speaker’s,Inc.”, went instantly sold out. In 2007,... read more
Author: Gan-shin last update: 2009-11-20