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Hide, Navi, 92, and Soh formed together while studying in the dentistry department of Ohu University and became known as GReeeeN. Being accompanied by their original logo of a smiling set of teeth, they were signed under Universal Records and made their debut in January of 2007 with the single, Michi.

Although this offered moderate success, they didnt truly make their mark until their album release of A, Domo. Hajimemasthite,in June of the same year.

This offered the number two position within the Oricon Top 200 and created a domino effect in which every release since has found itself within the top ten, the most prominent being the singles, Tobira, Kiseki, and the second album released in June of 2008, A, Domo. Ohisashiburi Desu.

The newest single, "Ayumi" set to be released on January 28th of 2009 has already gotten the JPop savvy crowds buzzing with... read more
Author: Yuka last update: 2010-01-20