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Yonkiti, Kumi and Kawahara started Skunk Works in September 2005. In January of 2006 they got a support guitarist and worked on the 2-track demo to be released that following May. It wasn't until March of 2007 when the line up would be completed with Aratan and Yamachang joining at the same time. Four months later on June 18th they released their 3-track single entitled "Lizard". They kept themselves busy with live shows around the Tokyo area. They did not go unnoticed, zenext Records signed them in early 2008. The record label started making public plans for a full length album to be released in May 2008. However, Kumi parted ways with the band that April and the album has seemingly been shelved in the meantime. Mistumune joined the band to take over on drums. They are one of the 45 bands to have a track on the limited album "PUNK... read more
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Skunk Works

Status:  Indie - active
Period:  2005 - present
Genre:  Pop Punk / Alternative

Vo: Yonkiti
Gt, Cho: Yamachang
Gt, Cho: Aratan
Ba, Vo: Kawahara
Dr: Mitsumune

Dr: Kumi (2005-2008)