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Iruma Rioka is a rising star known for being a kind of pop girl who mixes in elements of classical, electronic, and rock that appeals to all listeners. Ever since she was very young, she has used music as her form of self expression. Iruma has a background in classical music which is why the genre plays such a strong role in her compositions. She has always been in front of her piano or composing things on her own, ever since she was very young, so her family is very supportive of her choice in a musical career.

Iruma has been influenced by artists like Bjork, Sarah Brightman, Valencia, and Rino Shiina. She always believed that she would be a composer until she realized that she also really enjoys singing by herself as well. When she realized that she wanted to be a performer, she would go to Tokyo as often... read more
Author: SharleyRabbit last update: 2012-03-31
Iruma Rioka

Status:  Indie - active
Period:  2008 - present
Genre:  Pop / Classical / Electric

Vo : Iruma Rioka
Gt,Ba : NEMU

Violin : Rie Nemoto