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Kei joined his first band at the age of 14, but was mostly recognized in 2001 when he joined Baroque. He was a talented guitar player considering his young age, and he himself gained an enormous fan base that has continued to honor him till this day. His originality and amazing guitar skills helped captivate many fans, and gained a great amount of followers during his four years in Baroque.

As a solo artist Kei has made a huge impact. His unique sounds and catchy tunes are what Japanese and overseas fans are having fun listening to. Kei's music is what's becoming popular nowadays and what's converting many listeners to turn to VK for something different and exciting. Kei's "electronica-rock" is rocking many listeners, and will soon continue to capture the attention of many many more. A lot of his tunes are dreamy, romantic, and upbeat.

Kei trained to be a guitarist very... read more
Author: STR17 last update: 2010-01-20