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2side1BRAIN is a 5-piece lequios post-hardcore band from the island of Okinawa, Japan. They started playing together in late 2003 after local heavy-hitters Suppon disbanded. Vo. Shuntaro (Suppon), Gt. Narito (Suppon), Gt. Yuta and former members Ba. Ryojin (Jigokuguruma) and Dr. Shoichi (Jigokuguruma) began writing as 2side1BRAIN with hopes of pushing Okinawan rock music in different, more progressive direction. Soon after, Ryojin was replaced by current bassist Hirose
(Utopia and Liberty) and in mid-2008 Shoichi was replaced by T-Max (Second Sight). Heavily influenced by both American and Okinawan styles, 2side (as they are known amongst fans) rapidly gained popularity with both Japanese and American audiences on Okinawa by playing every weekend at local live houses and occasionally at U.S. military bases across the island. This caught the attention of Osaka punk legends Garlic Boys who signed 2side to their label ROCKACHROME Records. It was with their guidence that they released their debut... read more
Author: nana

Status:  Indie - active
Period:  2003 - present
Genre:  rock / Lequios Post-Hardcore

Vo : Shuntaro
Gt : Narito
Gt : Yuta
Ba : Hirose
Dr : T-Max

Dr: Shoichi
Ba: Ryojin