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In kindergarten started to play organ,untill her parents decided it was better if she started to play piano,so they bought one Akino started to compose and sing,even if she limited herself to sonatas She approached pop music listening to a Daniel Vidal's album,a French who lived in Tokyo,and listening to the radio the song « Alone again » by Gilbert O’Sulllivan. Akino said she was influenced also by the music of the movie "Pinocchio",aired by NHK,and by Pink Floyd's music,recommended to her by a friend. In 1986 she started her career at "Victor Entartainment",but she was conscious of the trouble of living thanks to the music.Then she was also the chorister for various artists like PSY.S and took part in their lives.She worked also in animation and commercials. In 1997 she held two concerts in Tokyo,hosted a radio show,a best album was released and this is the real beginning of her... read more
Author: Asuka Tsuzuki last update: 2010-01-20