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Image © 2010 Maverick DC, courtesy of Gan-Shin
Zoro is an oshare kei band composed of four members, Ryuuji(Vo), Tatsuhi(Ba), Yuuya(Dr), and Taizo(Gu). Zoro has a great number of followers that love their colorful and happy look. Their music is up-beat and light. They have unique album covers and their looks vary from time to time. Zoro has a bit of a history which is what makes them such a great band.

Zoro was formed in 2007, right after Soroban disbanded. Three members of Zoro belonged to Soroban, and then they decided to form Zoro. Zoro's music is very different from the music of Soroban though Zoro consists of three of the same member. They decided to do something different which turned out really well for them.

On March 5th they had their first performance at "Liquidroom Ebisu". Their first mini album Apollo was released on August 29, 2007. After that they continued releasing maxi-singles until their second album COSMO -Stainless... read more
Author: str17

Status:  Indie - active
Period:  2007 - present
Genre:  visual kei / oshare

Vo : Ryuuji (龍寺)
Ba : Tatsuhi (たつひ)

Gt : Taizo (タイゾ)
Dr : Yuuya (裕哉)