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DUSTZ was formed around vocalist Ray in October 2005 with his friends from childhood at a French international school. They launched their live performance-oriented activities, mainly performing mixture rock full of street sense that passionately renders their enthusiasm for music. Striking out by integrating French-speaking rap into their music, the band rapidly expanded their fan base by word of mouth, performing successful one-band shows even in their early days. And so they made their much-awaited indie debut with “Future,” which marked #2 on Tower Records’ indie chart and #18 on Japan Countdown, attracting attention among music fans. Second indie single “Lapis lazuli,” released in February 2009, won #1 on Tower Records’ indie chart, which was a dream come true.

On May 27, 2009, DUSTZ released their major debut single “Break & Peace” (ending theme of TV anime Sengoku BASARA ). Soon after, they were invited to a French music festival and became... read more
Author: Official biography last update: 2011-06-21

Status:  Major - active
Period:  2005 - present
Genre:  rock

Vo : Ray
Gt : KenT
Ba : Gus
Dr : Naoki