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1999 ONMYOUZA s formation ONMYOUZA was formed by MATATABI(b&vo), KURONEKO(vo), MANEKI(g),and KARUKAN(g) in Osaka, Japan. Later, TORA(ds) joined, making ONMYOUZA a band with 5 members. They gave their first live concert on 20th June with male and female vocalists and twin lead guitarists. At the same time, they released a demo-tape "TSUNE NI GESSHO WO MOTTE SENJI NI KUWAE NISSHIN INYO WO MIN". Then they released a full-length album, "KIKOKU TENSHO", independently, on 5th December. This drew much attention. 2000 Long queues at live concert hall In March, they had their first live concert in Tokyo. Their powerful performance led to the first independent live concert on 25th November in Osaka. With unstoppable energy, they staged a high-impact event on 17th December, even as an opening-performance. After they played, many audiences formed long queues to get their 2nd album "HYAKKI RYORAN". Fan excitement even interfered with the main act. 2001 They... read more
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Status:  Major - active
Period:  1999 - present
Genre:  rock / metal

Vo : kuroneko (黒猫)
Gt : Maneki (招鬼)
Gt : Kurokan (狩姦)
Ba / Vo : Matatabi (瞬火)

Dr : Atsushi Kawatsuka (ex Tora)