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The duo Sweet Vacation was formed in 2007. It consists of May (Vocal) and Daichi Hayakawa (Sound Producer, Keyboard, Chorus, Vocoder). Daichi is a Japanese sound producer who travels all over the world with the aim to make completely new pop music. May is a singer and a student.
They met in Bangkok, Thailand, where Daichi was astonished at her charming voice and sense of creativity. As a consequence, they put their songs up only on MySpace in August 2007. They soon gained popularity, and they made the MySpace house chart in November 2007. Their first song, I feel so good, was selected to be the iTunes weekly free download song, which led to more access to and downloads of Sweet Vacation's music.

This song was also picked for the Yahoo Top Page, and they soon made a contract with Victor Entertainment JVC.
After three months they released their first mini album Do... read more
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