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Image © 2009 Art Cube, courtesy of Jackpot Entertainment
Art Cube is a mysterious band formed of five members that all use initials as their name. They became active in 2007. The vocalist Z is the actual current lead singer for Moi Dix Mois. His amazing vocal skills has been recognized all over the world as he carries an incredible fan base. Art Cube likes to keep their concept almost a mystery, and wants the world to see their music as "A Darkness That Illuminates the Tribal Gothic World”.

Art Cube released their first single "Suna no Hana" in July 23, 2008. The single came in two versions, one including a DVD with their promotial music video for their single titled song "Suna no Hana". In December 24, 2008 they released their maxi-single "Shitsuraku Chou" and not until June 17, 2009, did they release another maxi-single titled "Rusisame/Kougekyou" which included six tracks. Art Cube released a USA limited edition album titled... read more
Author: STR17 last update: 2009-11-17
Art Cube
(aat kyuubu)

Status:  Indie - active
Period:  2007 - present
Genre:  symphonic metal / rock

Vo : Z (ゼタ)
Gt : Y (ユウ)
Ba : N (エネ)
Dr : S (エッセ)

Key : M (2010)