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When HITT was still in high School, in August 2000, HITT decided to be a singer in a punk band named BBdan. During 2 years, they performed in clubs in Tokyo. In April 2003, they recorded an album NO. 1. The band quickly split up immediately after that.
In 2003, HITT formed a new band named THE HITMAN. Thanks to this band, he chose HITT as artist’s name.

In January 2004, HITT decided to work as a solo artist. His first live was in Otsuka RED ZONE but he wasn’t satisfied with the performance, so he stopped during 6 months.
He restarts in January 2005 and decides to play piano. He played in pubs and restaurants. His first solo album MEGA HITT was released 16th July 2006.
In January 2007, HITT performed his first one-man-show in Chiba and did some shows in Yoyogi Park in Tokyo.

In November 2007, he joined a band:... read more
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