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Zwei (two in German) is a duo born recently. Both met for the first time in summer 2002 during a live where an indies band played. Megu wanted to create a band and she asked Ayumu to become the vocalist. Of course, she said yes and the duo became official in June 2003. Their first single was distributed one year later, in May 2004 precisely, entitled “Movie star” and in July their second single “Watashi no Uta” was distributed. We didn’t have to wait for long to see their first album. In fact, it was released on the 14th October 2004 and it is entitled “Pretty Queen”. There is a limited edition too with a dvd with the PVs of both their singles. On 21st December 2005, their second album “Z” was released and on 22nd January 2006 their first dvd, “Zwei in the box”, was released.
Author: Kinsao

Status:  Major - active
Period:  2003 - present
Genre:  pop / electro / rock

Vo : Ayumu
Ba : Megu