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DEDEMOUSE created a buzz in the independent music scene with the carefully layered sounds of unidentified origins. Dynamically using the voice samples that evoke the image of Mongolian khoomii, DEDEMOUSE creates a unique and super imaginative world.

DEDEMOUSE started to do lives from 2005, and performed the beautiful melody with screaming MC.
This bizarre style made DEDEMOUSE a one-of-a-kind artist in Tokyo’s underground club scene. The recognition stabilized in a event called “Raw Life” held at Tokyo in October 2006. The legendary performance formed an indistinct combination with the audience, which was just crazy and chaotic.

In January 2007, DEDEMOUSE released the first indies album “tide of stars.” The CD shop staffs voluntarily carried out a passionate promotion, and the album resulted to mark an exceptional long sales. Meanwhile, many artists and creators also showed a firm support. Although there was no promotion and not even a flyer made, the album... read more
Author: Ry[o]Ga last update: 2010-01-04