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Image © Willson Lee
Far East from their Mother Land, in New York City, The Japanese Punk Rock band, Uzuhi, was born in Fall 2004.
Uzuhi means “the Sun” in Japanese. The origin of the name came directly from their strong creed of music, “Music Has No Borders.”
As the Sun shines the world, Uzuhi plays music toward the world.

When they just got formed, they could tend to be categorized as a Heavy Rock or Hard Core band.
However, due to the secessions of the bassist and drummer, the singer and guitarist got obliged to play as a something else.
After several months of silence, the decision they made was the challenge as an Acoustic Punk Rock 2-piece band.
Their challenge kept going for a year and finally, they could encounter with new members of a pianist and drummer and got reborn as a new style of Uzuhi in 2007.
They have played at many famous venues in New York City... read more
Author: from uzuhi official myspace last update: 2009-12-12

Status:  Indie - active
Period:  2004 - present
Genre:  punk rock

Vo : Gosha
Gt : Kota
Dr : Shu
Key : Tsubasa