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The band was founded in 2004 in Yokohama at the Kanagawa University. The four members, vocalist and guitarist Sugawara Takuro, guitarist Taki Yoshimutsu, bassist Nakamura Kazuhiko and drummer Kamijo Chihiro, stepped into action the following two years, mainly as a live band haunting the clubs in and around Yokohama.
After the first demotape, the first mini-album from 9mm, which the band calls Gjallarhorn, came to stores in 2005 and brought them greater attention for the first time.
For many months, no one heard much about 9mm, but then in March 2006, the second mini-album, Phantomime appeared, which brought much praise from critics. Suddenly, performances throughout the country in the big clubs and halls followed, which were notable events together with well-known bands

The young band caught the attention of the major label, EMI Music Japan, and the four men were taken under contract at the beginning of 2007. Shortly after, on January 1st, they... read more
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9mm Parabellum Bullet
(kyuumiri paraberamu baretto)

Status:  Major - active
Period:  2004 - present
Genre:  rock / emo / indie

Vo, Gt : Sugawara Takuro (菅原卓郎)
Gt : Taki Yoshimitsu (滝善充)
Ba : Nakamura Kazuhiko (中村和彦)
Dr : Kamijo Chihiro (かみじょうちひろ)