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Isshi (vo), Nao (b) and Izumi (d) were part of the same group, but they didnít have any guitarists. They put an advertisement in the paper in the hope of finding 2 guitarists that they liked.
A little while afterwards, Akiya and Shin read it by chance, and because they werenít totally comfortable in their current group, they decided to audition. They got through it with no problems.

In 1998, the band formed under the name Crow. A little while later, they were signed by Key Party, and their first demo, Hayakuyae, was released on June 13th in 1999, containing 4 songs.
During 1999, they toured with another group, Lar-mia. A while afterwards, a DVD of the tour was released, The End of Century. Everything was going well for the band and they already had their first fans, but they hadnít yet really taken off.

Next, they contributed to a compilation entitled Hold Your... read more
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