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DAMIJAW is the newest solo project of Janne Da Arc's bassist, ka-yu. His first solo project Solid Beat did not seem to be enough for the workaholic Kazuyuki Matsumoto.

He released his first single Muryoku na Jibun ga Yurusenai on February 17th in 2010 which included 3 songs. On April the 28th, he will release his first full album 「I AM」 including the single, Muryoku na Jibun ga Yurusenai, and other 12 tracks. The limited edition will contain a DVD with the PV's of his first single and an "OFF SHOT~ALBUM MAKING MOVIE~".

DAMIJAW is a combination of "Dami" and "Jaw". "Dami" is Damien from the 1976 movie "The Omen". The devil in living flesh but still a child, powerful but weak at the same time. "Jaw" stands for the chin, a vital part of the jaw itself. While not only supporting the teeth it can also become a powerful weapon.

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Author: puka last update: 2010-04-27