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1996 :woke up (first breath)
FAT RANDY were originally started in February by AN-chan on Vo./G. and SHIN-chan on Ba./Cho, two brothers from Kagoshima.
They soon joined an independent record label " 魂 /KON" after they settled down in Yokohama.

:Released 3 songs on V.A. 「SPUNK」 with such bands as S☆CREATERS and REAL SHIT.
:Released Demo Tape limited to 300 copies and sold out immediately.

:Released 1 song on V.A. 「WANKIN’ in the PIT!」 with such bands as SNUFF and NOFX
:Released 2 songs on V.A. 「SPUNK 2」 with such bands as INDIAN-Hi and NICOTINE.
:Released 1st Album 「FAT RANDY」 released with its CD jacket designed by SHIN-chan(Ba).(*The album achieved to sell over 20,000 copies.)

1998 :went to bed (went spark out)
FAT RANDY were suddenly forced to break and came... read more
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