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Merry was formed in October 2001 by Gara (ex-After effect) and Yuu (ex-Shiver), after Yuu had made the suggestion to create a band together. The two were joined by Kenichi (ex-Syndrome) and Nero (ex-After Effect). Tetsu (ex-AciD) was recruited later by Gara, who, having seen Tetsu play live, was immediately impressed by the young bassist's talent. Together the five of them build a steady unit and constant in the landscape of Japanese music that's been together for eight years already. Their sound is a mixture of hard rock and softer jazz and ska influences, joined by Gara's unique vocals and lyrics.

Even before they played any concerts, they released an untitled mini-disc with two songs on October 2001. Their first performance was during the “Tomodachi Tour” which was organised by good friends of Merry, another visual kei band called baroque. The tour started in November and ended in January.

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Author: Asuka Tsuzuki / Rana last update: 2010-01-20