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Breaking many records and speeding up at the velocity of sound, the quintet,ViViD will change the world!

March 2009, somewhere in Tokyo where the Japanese cherries were blossoming all over, IV(bass) who now is famous for the masculine body with 5 percent of body fat, at that time was just an innocent boy with the impressively wide eyes, met an ambitious teenager, Ko-ki(drums) who didn’t get along with the kids of the same age and always hung with the adults. Even though then there were only 2 of them, they decided to form a band for purpose of “to reach the very top of Japanese music scene”, and knocked on the door of the legendary management office, PS COMPANY which had been dealing with many, so-called “Visual-kei” artists who had the very strong visual impacts. The charismatic female entrepreneur who signed them immediately, now looking back says “Something just clicked in my... read more
Author: Epic Records Japan last update: 2012-01-14